Ironman Taiwan 2017


22228483_2001099096799751_4146480513693492953_nBack to the Island of Penghu. Last year, after a long and succesfull preparation period, I joined the Taiwan Ironman with great hopes. Yet, I broke down mentally at the beginning and suffered the whole race through.

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Ironman 70.3 Chungju 2016


Chungju 7Unlike last year, when I was coming from warm Australia, this time I was traveling to the peninsula from Europe.
In past years I have had problems dealing with jet lag traveling from Europe, therefore I usually arrive 3-4 days before the competition to have enough time for adjusting. This time, however, I tried a new method, which is to arrive the day before the race. I thought this way my body wouldnt have time to react to the newly upturned conditions. Continue reading