“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” -Henry Ford

I am very greatful for all my sponsors and would like to thank them for the cooperation!



novatel deak zsomborNovatel was established in the end 2004 as part of Deutsche Telekom Group. As a member of one of the largest European telecommunication companies, Novatel offers a competitive alternative in the field of telecommunications on the Bulgarian communication market. We are a leading national carrier offering our customers a wide range of top excellence telecommunication services.

Based on the extensive international experience and the solid competences and capabilities of our group, Novatel provides telecommunication services at competitive prices primarily for business partners and Internet service providers in the South Eastern European region.
Link: www.novatel.bg/en


conbridge deak zsomborCombridge was established in Romania in 2002, before the telecommunications market liberalisation and is part of the largest telecommunications company in Europe, Deutsche Telekom Group. As industry, competitive alternatives Combridge offers for telecommunications solutions on the market in Romanian IT&C

The success of our concept is based on low cost, competitive rates and services of exceptional quality. The experience gained over the existence of business has allowed us to know our in-depth market) as well as the regional markets. Based on these experiences we have released all services of superior quality.
Link: www.combridge.ro


We specialize in custom sublimation cycling, in-line skating, triathlon apparel. We believe our customers should receive a personal experience and competitive prices. Our experience affords us the opportunity to provide exceptional customer service and quality from design to delivery.

Truly believing that performance increases with a good equipment, our mission has always been to manufacture the finest quality products to our customers. In order to keep our promise, we developed our own manufacturing factory in Hong Kong where all steps of the production process are controlled. From design to final delivery, keeping your order under the same roof enables us to meet short deadlines.
Link: www.ccnsport.com

 720 ARMOUR:

720 armour zsombor deakThe fusion of these two concepts gives birth to the name 720armour, and our extremely serious sports eyewear.
Founded 1996 on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, 720 produces a range of streamline sports eyewear. 720 was acquired in 2002 by Hwa Meei Optical Group, an international supplier of professional eyewear. Since then, 720 has grown tremendously with its advanced technology and design, it is confident that it will become a leading brand to meet quality and fashion demands. In less than a decade, the brand is well known in most European countries, America, Asia and the Middle East.
Link: www.720-armour.com


Sf Gheorghe

People lived in the areas surrounding Sfântu Gheorghe (Sepsiszentgyörgy) since the Stone Age. There are traces of several migratory people that can be found in the countryside. The first written mention of the settlement dates back to 1332; the city was named after Saint George, the first patron saint of the town’s church. In addition, Sfântu Gheorghe (Sepsiszentgyörgy) earned the “city title” in 1461, in the year of 1492 the city received from Báthory István, Prince of Transylvania, the “privileged city” status. Nevertheless, Saint George could keep its privileges with great difficulty; the neighboring Saxon city of Kronstadt (today Braşov/Brassó) had incessantly endeavored to deny our town the right to hold fairs.
Link: www.saintgeorgeinfo.ro


csaco zsombor deakCASCO is a family-owned company that since its founding in 1989 has focused squarely on producing top quality products with exceptional flair. This philosophy has proved effective, as CASCO now ranks among the market leaders in the design and production of high-end helmets and glasses. But CASCO is after more than just amazingly well-thought out design concepts. It‘s also concentrated on innovation.
The helmet specialists spend a great deal of time and energy developing solutions that make helmets as safe, comfortable and flexible to wear as possible. Their efforts have led to numerous patents and awards.
Link: www.casco-helme.com


tokenOver a decade ago, we began our journey to make high-quality and innovative products for people who love to ride. We have learned a lot of lessons over the years and this has helped us to constantly improve. Our products have gotten better but we haven’t forgotten why we founded TOKEN. By combining our strengths, we realized that we were able make excellent products that fall within reach of discerning riders.

When a TOKEN product is in your hand, you’ll clearly see the pride and craftsmanship used to make it. When you put the products on your bike, you’ll immediately feel the performance improvement. We do all this because we have a passion for extremely well crafted parts and a passion for innovation but most important, we have a passion for riding our bikes.


scicon bags Zsombor DeakWith over 33 years of experience in designing and manufacturing bicycle bags, SCICON is proud to be the world’s leading bike bag manufacturer. SCICON has worked with some of the best athletes in the world to engineer and design bags, tailored to the exact and specific needs of the cycling enthusiast. From professional cyclists to triathlon competitors, cycling tourists to casual riders, SCICON offers products that benefit all who use them.
Link: www.sciconbags.com